Presentaties 2011

De medewerkers van SHM geven met regelmaat presentaties waarin bevindingen uit onderzoek en publicaties worden gepresenteerd. Een groot gedeelte van de presentaties is Engelstalig. Hieronder vindt u een overzicht van de presentaties in 2011.

  • Developments in the HIV epidemic in the Netherlands 
    Ard van Sighem, Luuk Gras, Colette Smit, Rebecca Homan, Daniela Bezemer, Sima Zaheri, Frank de Wolf (presenter)
  • HIV-1 subtype B transmission networks in the Netherlands
    Daniela Bezemer (presenter), Luuk Gras, Ard van Sighem, Frank de Wolf
  • Low rate of sequential virological failure to both PI and NNRTI based regimens in HIV-1 infected patients in the Netherlands
    Luuk Gras (presenter), Colette Smit, Frank de Wolf
  • The prevalence of moderately and severely reduced estimated glomerular filtration rate and kidney failure in HIV positive patients living in the Netherlands
    Rebecca Holman (presenter), Luuk Gras, Frank de Wolf
  • Expenditure on antiretroviral treatment in The Netherlands: growing volume, stable per-patient costs
    Ard van Sighem (presenter), Suzanne Geerlings, Kees Brinkman, Frank de Wolf
  • Comorbidity and Ageing in HIV-1-infection
    Schouten J, Wit F, Stolte I, Van der Valk M, Geerlings S, de Wolf F, Prins M, Reiss P, on behalf of the AGEhIV Study Group.  
  • Delay of entry into care in HIV positive individuals
    Veen M, Heijman R, Götz H, de Wolf F, Zaheri S, Fennema J, van der Sande M.
  • Lost to follow-up in adult HIV-1 infected patients in Curaçao, 2005-2010
    Hermanides G, Holman R, Gras L, Winkel C, Gerstenbluth I, Duits A.
  • Temporary Antiretroviral Treatment during Primary HIV-1 Infection Has a Positive Impact on Health-Related Quality of Life: data from the Dutch Primo-SHM Cohort Study.
    Grijsen M, Koster G, van Vonderen M, van Kasteren M, Kootstra G, Steingrover R, de Wolf F, Prins J, Nieuwkerk P.


  • Viral Decay During Acute HIV-1 Infection Treated with cART Predicts the Change in Viral Load from Baseline to the Setpoint of Subsequent Untreated Chronic Infection.
    Steingrover R, Pollakis G, Fernandez Garcia E, Jurriaans S, Lange JM, de Wolf F, Prins M.

  • 30 years of HIV among men who have sex with men in Switzerland
    Ard van Sighem (presenter), Beatriz Vidondo, Martin Gebhardt, Tracy R. Glass, Steven Derendinger, Daniela Bezemer, Heiner Bucher, Pietro Vernazza, Frank de Wolf, André Jeannin, Roger Staub, Christophe Fraser and the Swiss HIV Cohort Study
  • Risk of progression to AIDS or death in relation to CD4 cell levels in HIV-infected patients with sustained viral response to cART.
    Bucher HC for the Opportunistic Infections working group of COHERE in EuroCoord.
  • Predicting response to antiretroviral therapy without a genotype: a treatment tool for resource-limited settings. 
    Revell AD, Wang D, Ene L, Tempelman H, Barth R, Wensing AM, Gazzard B, de Wolf F, Lane HC, Montaner JSS, Larder BA.

  • Modelling responsse to antiretroviral therapy without a genotype as a clinical tool for resource-limited settings.
    Larder BA, Revell AD, Wang D, Hamers R, Tempelman H, Barth R, Wensing AMJ, Morrow C, Wood R, de Wolf F, Kaiser R, Pozniak A, Lane HC, Montaner JM.

  • 2010 Update Curaçao: HIV Treatment and Resistance to Anti-Retroviral Drugs in Curaçao
    Frank de Wolf (presenter)

  • Limited contribution to new infections from HIV-infected men who have sex with men on suppressive combination treatment
    Ard van Sighem (presenter), Daniela Bezemer, Peter Reiss, Colette Smit, Luuk Gras, Frank de Wolf, Christophe Fraser
  • Longer time on virological successful cART is independently associated with decreasing CD4 cell count in patients with <500 CD4 cells/mm3.
    Luuk Gras (presenter), Colette Smit, Steven van Lelyveld, Anouk Kesselring, Ard van Sighem, Frank de Wolf for the ATHENA national observational cohort
  • Dyslipidemia in HIV-infected children and adolescents treated with cART between 1997 and 2009: a longitudinal study.
    Colette Smit (presenter), Nico G. Hartwig, Sibyl P.M. Geelen, Elisabeth H. Schölvinck, Michiel vd Flier, Henriette  J. Scherpbier, on behalf of the Dutch Paediatric HIV Treatment Centers (PHON)
  • Combined antiretroviral therapy and the incidence of tuberculosis among HIV-positive individuals in high-income countries.
    Del Amo J on behalf of the HIV-CAUSAL Collaboration.
  • Unified Methods for the Causal Analysis of HIV randomized trails and observational cohort studies.
    Robins J on behalf of the HIV-CAUSAL Collaboration.
  • The effect of efavirenz versus nevirapine-containing regimens on all-cause mortality.
    Cain LE for the HIV-CAUSAL Collaboration
  • Sex difference in mortality rates among treated patients: the Antiretroviral Therapy Cohort Collaboration (ART-CC).
    Jarrin I, Del Amo J on behalf of ART-CC
  • Performance of the refind VACS Risk Index during the first 12 months of antiretroviral therapy among US and European subjects.
    Tate JP, Justice AC, Hughed MD, Bonnet F, Reiss P, Mocroft A, Lampe F, Bucher H, Sterling TR, Crane H, Kitahata MM, May M, Sterne JAC.
  • Heterogeneity among ART-CC Cohorts before and after adjustment for patient and cohort level characteristics: AIDS Events, Mortality, and of Effect of CD4.
    Sterne J, May M for ART-CC
  • Cumulative incidence of and risk factors for switching or interrupting first ART regimen and Death
    Ingle S, Abgrall S, May M, Sterne J for ART-CC
  • Are the reasons for switching or interrupting ART in the first 6 months different from those for late switches? 
    Abgrall S, Ingle S, May M, Sterne J on behalf of ART-CC.
  • The use of data from multiple cohorts to develop an on-line HIV treatment selection tool.
    Revell AD, Wang DW, Coe D, Mican, JM, Agan BK, Harris M, Torti C, Izzo I, Emery S, Boyd M, Ene L, De Wolf F, Nelson M, Metcalf JA, Montaner JSS, Lane HC, Larder BA.
  • Improving data quality in HIV cohort collaborations – exemplified by de D:A:D study.
    Brandt RS, Rickenbach M, Hillebregt MMJ, Fontas E, Geffard S, McManus H, Fanti I. Delforge M, Ledergerber B an Kjaer J on behalf of de D:A:D study Group.
  • How to identify patients enrolled in multiple cohorts – exemplified by the D:A:D study.
    Kjaer J, Hillebregt MMJ, Brandt RS, Fontas E, Balestre E, McManus H, Fanti I, Delforge M, Rickenbach M on behalf of the D:A:D Study Group.
  • Cancers or not? Collection and preliminary assessment of non-AIDS-defining malignancies (NADMs) in de D:A:D Study.
    Worm S, Tverland J, Bruyand M, Reiss P, Fontas E, El-Sadr W, Kirk O, Weber R, d’Arminio Monforte, De Wit S, Ryom L, Friis-Moller N, Law M, Lundgren J and Sabin C.
  • Calendar time trends in the incidence and prevalence of HIV-infected patients with triple-class virologic failure in Europe.
    Nakagawa F, on behalf of the PLATO II Project Team of Cohere.

  • Initiation of cART for HIV infection and the risk of non-AIDS diseases
    Shuangjie Zhang (presenter)
    Zhang S, van Sighem A, Gras L, Prins J, Kauffmann R, Richter C, Reiss P, de Wolf F and ATHENA National Observational Cohort.
  • HCV treatment and CD4 cell count decline, in HIV/HCV co-infected patients: European Cohort Collaboration
    Colette Smit (presenter)
    Smit C, d’Armiio Monforte A, de Wolf F, Puoti M and Dabis F on behalf of the HCV Working Group of COHERE
  • Faster CD4 cell count decline before the start of ART in patients with HIV-1 seroconversion in more recent calendar years
    Luuk Gras (presenter)
    Gras L, Geskus R, van Sighem A, Bezemer D, Jurriaans S, Berkhout B, Fraser C, Prins J, Bakker M, de Wolf F and National ATHENA Observational Cohort
  • Decreasing community infectiousness is a marker for decreases in new HIV infections among Dutch homosexual men
    Ard van Sighem (presenter)
    van Sighem A, Bezemer D, de Wolf F and Fraser C
  • A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing No Treatment with 24 or 60 weeks of Temporary Antiretroviral Treatment during Primary HIV Infection (PHI)
    Grijsen M, Wit F, de Wolf F, Lange J, Verbon A, Brinkman K, van der Ende M, Schuitemaker H, Prins J.
  • Differences in mortality rates among treated patients according to geographical origin and ethnicity/race: the Antiretroviral Therapy Cohort Collaboration (ART-CC). 
    Jarrin I, Del Amo J and ART-CC.
  • Rising HIV-1 Viral Load Set-point at a Population Level Coincides with a Fading Impact of Host Genetic Factors on HIV-1 Control.
    van Manen D, Gras L, Boeser-Nunnink B, van Sighem A, Maurer I, Mangas-Ruiz M, Harskamp A, de Wolf F, van ’t Wout A, Schuitemaker H, and Dutch HIV Monitoring Fndn HIV-1 Host Genetics Study.