Lopende projecten

In dit overzicht vindt u informatie over lopende onderzoeken waarbij data van SHM worden gebruikt. De lijst is gefilterd en toont alleen projecten die beschikbaar zijn voor een breed publiek. Wilt u meer weten over de stand van zaken in een project of een overzicht van de laatste publicaties, bekijk dan de publicaties in ons jaarverslag.

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SHM nr. Titel project Auteur(s)
I22126 Relationship between presence of the metabolic syndrome, metabolic dysfunction associated fatty liver disease and liver related outcomes in patients with HIV-HBV coinfection M.J. Sonneveld, M. van der Valk, L. Patmore, A. Boyd, C. Smit
I22122 Treatment of HIV-hepatitis B virus coinfection with and without tenofovir-containing antiretroviral therapy A. Mohareb, A. Boyd, C. Smit, E. Hyle, M. van der Valk
I21116 The therapeutic drug monitoring registry of antiretrovirals outcomes after bariatric surgery in the Netherlands- METAL - L. Zino, D.M. Burger, A. Colbers, O. Richel, C. Rokx, J. Stalenhoef
I21115 Outcomes of cervical cander screening in women living with HIV in Amsterdam M.F. Schim van der Loeff, S.E. Geerlings, J.A. Kramer, H.R. Verhoeve, S.J. Bogers, D.A.M. Heideman, M.C.G. Bleeker, K. Brinkman, K. Sigaloff, M. van der Valk
I21114 Know the local HIV epidemiology: map the numbers H. Götz, D. Twisk, J. den Hollander, C. Rokx, A. van Sighem
I21113 Prospects of HIV elimination among Dutch MSM by targeted screening, partner notification, and immediate ART initiation for acute HIV infection G. Rozhnova, M. Werkman, M. Kretzschmar, A. van Sighem, P. Reiss, J. Heijne, M. Dijkstra, W. Zuilof, G. de Bree, M. Schim van der Loeff  
I20111 Limburg 4 zero: An integrated approach to reduce the number of HIV and sexually transmitted infections in Limburg N. Dukers-Muijers, Y. Evers, H. Goense, R. Ackens, M. Pronk, R. van Crevel, O. Richel   
I20110 Clinical outcomes and inflammation in viremic and non-viremic HIV elite controllers in the Dutch Athena Cohort A. Verbon, A. van der Ven, M. Netea, A. Groenendijk, W. Blok, M. Berrevoets
I20109 Update on trends in incidence and risk factors of anal cancer in HIV-infected patients J. Prins, H. de Vries, P. Reiss, F. Wit, C. Smit,  R.P. van der Zee 
I20108 Determining factors associated with disproportional weight gain in people
with HIV with suppressed viremia switching antiretroviral therapy to an INSTI and/or TAF-containing regimen
P. Reiss, M. Verburgh, F. Wit, S. Verboeket, A. Boyd, M. van der Valk
I19104 Long-term clinical and virological outcomes in aging perinatally and behaviourally HIV-infected young adults in the Netherlands (12-30 years) A. Weijsenfeld, C. Blokhuis, C. Smit, M. van der Valk, F. Wit, D. Pajkrt

2000HIV Human Functional Genomics Partnership Programm (2000HIV study)

A. van der Ven, M. Netea, L. Joosten, Q. de Mast, M. Jacobs-Cleophas,  L. van Eekeren, M. Berrevoets, M. Blauw, A. Verbon, A. Groenendijk, W. Blok, W. Vos
I19100 HIV treatment outcomes of transgender people versus the general HIV-positive population in the Netherlands

C. Daans, E. Hoornenborg, M. den Heijer,
M. Prins

I18098 Geospatial analyse and mapping of new HIV diagnoses, late presentations and testing practices in Amsterdam - "het GIS project" within the H-TEAM initiative G. de Bree, M. Prins, L. Boehnke, C. Bozzacchi, P. Reiss, M. Heidenrijk, J. van Bergen, A. van Sighem, M. van Rooijen, M. Kroone, M. Groot-Bruinderink, O. Ratmann, E. op de Coul
I14065 Incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma in HIV/HBV-coinfected patients: Implications for screening strategies G. Wandeler, A. Rauch, P. Reiss, C. Smit, M. van der Valk, J. Arends
I13120 SPREAD Program 3.0 - Surveillance of transmission of HIV- drug resistace A.M.J. Wensing, C.A.B. Boucher, K. Brinkman, J. van der Meer, I. van de Ende, C. Richter, E. Schippers, D. de Vries-Sluijs, J. Schinkel, C. Smit
I12045 A HIV-1 genome wide association study to identify viral determinants of HIV-1 plasma concentration (BEEHIVE) F. de Wolf, B. Berkhout, M. Cornelissen, C. Fraser, P. Kellam, A. Gall, L. Gras, A. van Sighem
I08115 Proposal for collaboration and data exchange between HMF and RIVM for nation HIV/AIDS surveillance and data transfer to ECDC in the context of EU obligations for reporting on HIV/AIDS E. op den Coul, F. de Wolf, M. van der Sande, 
A. van Sighem, 
J. Vlug
I05513 HIV Resistance Response Database Initiative (RDI) A. Revell