Lopende projecten

In dit overzicht vindt u informatie over lopende onderzoeken waarbij data van SHM worden gebruikt. De lijst is gefilterd en toont alleen projecten die beschikbaar zijn voor een breed publiek. Wilt u meer weten over de stand van zaken in een project of een overzicht van de laatste publicaties, bekijk dan de publicaties in ons jaarverslag.

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SHM nr. Titel project Auteur(s)
I20111 Limburg 4 zero: An integrated approach to reduce the number of HIV and sexually transmitted infections in Limburg N. Dukers-Muijers, Y. Evers, H. Goense, R. Ackens, M. Pronk, R. van Crevel, O. Richel   
I20109 Update on trends in incidence and risk factors of anal cancer in HIV-infected patients J. Prins, H. de Vries, P. Reiss, F. Wit, C. Smit,  R.P. van der Zee 
I20108 Determining factors associated with disproportional weight gain in people
with HIV with suppressed viremia switching antiretroviral therapy to an INSTI and/or TAF-containing regimen
P. Reiss, M. Verburgh, F. Wit, S. Verboeket, A. Boyd, M. van der Valk
I20107 HIV in Gelderland: characteristics of the infected population and testing behaviour among general practitioners N. Nijsten, O. Richel, C. van Jaarsveld, G. ter Beest, K. Grintjes, A. van Sighem, R. van der Bij, S. Ostendorf, P. Dielissen, M. van de Luijtgaarden, R. Hermsen, C. van der Starre
I19105 Remaining barriers to advancing hepatitis C micro-elimination in the HIV/HCV co-infected population in the Netherlands M. van der Valk M, C. Isfordink, J. Arends,          C. Smit, A. Boyd
I19104 Long-term clinical and virological outcomes in aging perinatally and behaviourally HIV-infected young adults in the Netherlands (12-30 years) A. Weijsenfeld, C. Blokhuis, C. Smit, M. van der Valk, F. Wit, D. Pajkrt
I19100 HIV treatment outcomes of transgender people versus the general HIV-positive population in the Netherlands

C. Daans, E. Hoornenborg, M. den Heijer,
M. Prins


Evaluation of diagnosis, referral and treatment of acute HIV-1 infection at the Amsterdam STI clinic: trends over time


De Bree G, Schim van der Loeff M, Dijkstra M, Prins M, Prins J, van Rooijen M, Hogewoning A, van Sighem AI


The impact of mutations on the effectiveness of abacavir/lamivudine/dolutegravir regimens prescribed in treatment-experienced patients (The M184V/I – DTG study)

Olearo F, Kouyos R, Bonnet F, Yerly S, Wandeler G, Stoeckle M, Baettig V, Cavassini M, Gayet-Ageron A, Scherrer A, Schmid P, Bucher HC, Günthard H, Böni J, DÁrmino A, Zazzi M, Bellecave P, Cazanave C, Daffau P, Rijnders B, Reiss P, Wit F, Calmy A


Impact of the Positive Sisters peer support program on health outcomes in HIV-positive migrant women in the Netherlands

F. Cobelens, L. Darvey, M. Adhikari, S. Boender

Longitudinal virological outcomes and factors associated with virological failure in HIV infected young adults in the Netherlands 1996-2016

Weijsenfeld AM, Wit FWNM, Pajkrt D


Comparison of the occurence of HBV-related liver disease and (liver-related) mortality between patients with hepatitis B mono-infection and patients co-infected with hepatitis B and HIV in the Netherlands (HARMONIC 2)

J.E. Arends, C.M. Richter, F.I. Lieveld, P. Reiss, C. Smit, M. Spaier, K.J. Erpecum, I.M. Hoepelman

Evaluation of dolutegravir use of the treatment of HIV in the Netherlands: focus on switchers and adverse events

D. Burger, R. van Crevel, A. Brouwer, P. Bollen, J.E. Arends, C.S. Hakkers, I.M. Hoepelman, K. Brinkman, G.E.L. van den Berk, F.I. Wit

Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome associated with toxoplasmic encephalitis in HIV-infected patients: a multicentre cohort study

P.H. Ward, W. van Bisen, C.H.S.B. van den Berg, B.J.A. Rijnders, K. Brinkman, J.W. Mulder, L.B.S. Gelinck, A.I.M. Hoepelman, F.W.N.M. Wit, D. van de Beek, J.M. Prins

Type of cART regimen and the risk for immune reconstitution and inflammatory syndrome in HIV-1 infected patients. Is integrase inhibitor use an independent risk factor? 

I.E.A. Wijting, C. Rokx, F.W.N.M. Wit, P. Reiss, B.J.A. Rijnders

Use of regular outpatient medication n HIV/HCV co-infected patients in the Netherlands

E.J. Smolders, C. Smit, C.T.M.M. De Kanter, A.S.M. Dofferhoff, J.E. Arends, K. Brinkman, B. Rijnders, M. van der Valk, P. Reiss, D.M. Burger, on behalf of the ATHENA national HIV obsercational cohort 

Fibrosis progression after acute HCV infection in HIV-infected individuals

M. van de Valk, K.W. Kooij, A. Newsum, C. Smit, P. reiss, M. Prins, J. van der Meer, MOSAIC Study Group, SHM Werkgroep Hepatitis

Cost-effectiveness of HIV treatment and care in the Netherlands

A. Verbon, B.E. Nichols, C. Boucher, S. Geerlings, P. Reiss, A. van Sighem, F.P. Kroon, M.J. Postma, K. Brinkman
I15065 Comparison of the occurrence of severe HBV-related liver disease and (liver-related) mortality between patients with hepatitis B mono-infection and patients coinfected with hepatitis B and HIV in the Netherlands. (HARMONIC) J.E. Arends, C. Richter, F.I. Lieveld, P. Reiss, C. Smit, M. Spanier, K.J. van Erpecum, I.M. Hoepelman
I15043 Cost-effectiveness of the Adherence Improving self-Management Strategy (AIMS) in HIV-care: A model-based economic evaluation M. de Bruin, J. Prins, E. Oberjé, M. Hiligsmann, S. Evers, L. Gras 
I15040 Monitoring recent HIV infection in the Netherlands: implementation of Recent Infection Testing Algorithm (RITA) into routine HIV surveillance E. Op de Coul, G. de Bree, A. van Sighem, K. Brinkman, J. Prins, S. Jurriaans. 
I15022 Community viral load as a tool for HIV surveillance in the Netherlands and South Africa E. Op de Coul, R. Bolijn, J. Heijne, A. van Sighem, M. Kretzschmar, HIV Behandelaar

Global resistance following virologic failure with tenofovir +NNRTI containing antiretroviral regimens: a retrospective multi-centre multi-cohort study and meta-analysis 


C. Rokx, R. Gupta, B. Rijnders, B. Shafer, J. Gregson, M. Tang, R. Hamers, E. Raizes, K. Crawford, V. Marconi, A. Hill, M. Hosseinipour, N. Clumeck, P. Kanki, S. Lockman, T. Rinke de Wit,
S. Hoffman, T. de Oliveira, C. Wallis, L. Morris, G. Hunt, D. Dunn, J.L. Blanco, H. Gunthard, Dr. Kumarasamy, P. Kaleebu, D. Pillay, C. Charpentier, D. Descamps, A. van Damme, K. Theys, R. Camacho, V. Calvez, L. Gras
I15004 The impact of combinations of strategies for HIV prevention among men who have sex with men M. Xiridu, A. van den Bosch, B. van Benthem, E. Op de Coul, A. van Sighem, I. Stolte
I14157 Overlap between HIV and HCV networks among MSM with HIV/HCV coinfection J. Vanhommerig, J. Schinkel, D. Bezemer, T. van de laar, A. van Sighem, C. Smit, M. Prins
I14145 Evaluation of an evidence-based, Internet-supported self-help program for people living with HIV suffering from mild to moderate depressive symptoms N. Garnefski, V. Kraaij, S. van Luenen
I14144 Geographical Information System to determine high prevalence aeras of targeted screening and early case-finding I. Joore, J. van Bergen, E. op de Coul, A. van Sighem, J. Prins, S. Geerlings
I14096  Primary and recurrent venous thromboembolism in Hiv-1 (PREDICT study) J. Borjas-Howard, B.J.A. Rijnders, C. Rokx, Y.I.G.V. Tichelaar, A. Verbon, K. Meijer
I14087 Clinical experience with rilpivirine (KLII study) E. Roelofsen, D.M. Burger, D.J. Touw, L.B.S. Gelinck, E.B. Wilms
I14067 Predictive value of cardiovascular risk equations in the HIV-infected population receiving care in the Dutch HIV treatment centers F. Wit, R. van Zoest, I. Vaartjes. L. Gras, J. Arends, P. Reiss
I14065 Incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma in HIV/HBV-coinfected patients: Implications for screening strategies G. Wandeler, A. Rauch, P. Reiss, C. Smit, M. van der Valk, J. Arends
I13120 SPREAD Program 3.0 - Surveillance of transmission of HIV- drug resistace A.M.J. Wensing, C.A.B. Boucher, K. Brinkman, J. van der Meer, I. van de Ende, C. Richter, E. Schippers, D. de Vries-Sluijs, J. Schinkel, C. Smit
I13051 Barrières voor hiv-preventie, -testen en -zorg onder migranten (aMASE) M. Prins, F. Zuure, J. Bil, F. Burns, J. del Amo
I13032 Combined and Comparative Analysis of Virulence Trends Across Multiple Cohorts L. Gras, F. de Wolf, J. Herbeck, V. Mueller
I12045 A HIV-1 genome wide association study to identify viral determinants of HIV-1 plasma concentration (BEEHIVE) F. de Wolf, B. Berkhout, M. Cornelissen, C. Fraser, P. Kellam, A. Gall, L. Gras, A. van Sighem
I10021 Characteristics of HIV-1 transmission among men having sex with men in the Netherlands O. Ratmann
I08115 Proposal for collaboration and data exchange between HMF and RIVM for nation HIV/AIDS surveillance and data transfer to ECDC in the context of EU obligations for reporting on HIV/AIDS E. op den Coul, F. de Wolf, M. van der Sande, 
A. van Sighem, 
J. Vlug
I05513 HIV Resistance Response Database Initiative (RDI) A. Revell
I04034 The Data Collection on Adverse Events of Anti-HIV Drugs (D:A:D) P. Reiss