Ferdinand Wit

Ferdinand Wit.jpgSenior researcher

Ferdinand studied medicine at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, and took his PhD at the University of Amsterdam. He has been working as an HIV-treating physician in the Academic Medical Center since 1995. After obtaining his PhD in 2002, Ferdinand became Director Science & Medical Affairs of the Amsterdam-based clinical research organisation, IATEC. From 2007 onwards, he was also senior researcher at the AMC-CPCD, which later became the AIGHD and the Department of Global Health of the Academic Medical Center. Ferdinand joined Stichting HIV Monitoring as senior researcher in 2015.

Ferdinand has collaborated closely with Prof. Joep Lange's and Peter Reiss' research groups, and has supervised many junior researchers and doctoral students in Amsterdam and abroad. His main scientific interests are the epidemiology and treatment of HIV. Ferdinand specialises in observational cohort studies in the field of HIV. Recent work includes the epidemiology and pathogenesis of HIV-related non-communicable diseases in the HIV-infected population.