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Most recent eNewsletters

Winter 2016

Highlights in this newsletter:

Interviews with two of NCHIV's plenary speakers, Sheena McCormack and Alexander Pastoors, about HIV prevention and HIV-related stigma.

HIV treating physician, Casper Rokx talks about how SHM's data have helped him in his research.

Report on the last Dutch national hepatitis day.

HIV-related stigma: interview with Alexander Pastoors

HIV prevention in Europe today: Sheena McCormack

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Autumn 2016

Highlights in this newsletter:

NCHIV plenary speaker, Roy Gulick, on HIV treatment guidelines today and 10 years from now

SHM data in research: transition of adolescents & young adults to adult care

NCHIV plenary speaker, Steven Deeks, on how cancer cures may help treat HIV.

Special announcement: elevator pitches at NCHIV!

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Summer 2016

Highlights in this newsletter:

Interview with SHM researcher, Sonia Boender

Interview with Aids Fonds-STOP AIDS NOW!-Soa Aids Nederland director Louise van Deth about her vision for an AIDS-free world in 2030

Annual report 2015 now available! 

SHM data in quality of care research: Suzanne Geerlings & Esther Engelhard

Another successful data collectors' review day

Implementation of new data entry system is now underway!

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Spring 2016

Highlights in this newsletter:

Interview with our new researcher Ferdinand Wit

Interview with Oliver Ratmann about his research on HIV transmission

Event review of CROI 2016

New: site-specific progress reports on SHM data collection

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Winter 2015

Highlights in this newsletter:

Interview with Professor Jean-Michel Molina on PrEP

Interview with Ard van Sighem on the new ECDC model to estimate HIV numbers

Review of the National Hepatitis Day

NCHIV plenary speaker, Tim Hallett, on the ECDC model and the UNAIDS estiamtes

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Autumn 2015

Highlights in this newsletter:

Interview with Dr Jintanat Ananworanich about achieving post-treatment HIV viral suppression

Interview with Dr Rogier Sanders about recent developments in HIV vaccine developments

SHM research focus: Long-term outcomes of children treated for HIV infection

NCHIV final programme 

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Summer 2015

Highlights in this newsletter:

Interview with HIV nurse consultant Loek Elsenburg about his bird's eye view of the HIV field

Interview with Dr. Annemarie Wensing, explaining the mechanisms behind resistance and how resistance affects HIV treatment in the Netherlands

SHM Annual Report 2014 now available! 

Data collectors' review day

SHM research focus: ‘Future challenges for clinical care of an ageing population infected with HIV: a modelling study'

Research focus: spotlight on a recent publication involving SHM data

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Spring 2015

Highlights in this newsletter:

HIV care in Curacao: an evaluation by Gonneke Hermanides

Interview with Mark van der Valk and Clemens Richter about new guidelines for HIV/HCV co-infected patients

Interview with Jan van Bergen about the role of GP in HIV care

Date NCHIV 2015 announced!

Conference review: CROI 2015

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