SHM's new data entry system: progress update

As many of our readers may be aware, Stichting HIV Monitoring is working with ICT Automatisering and the AMC’s general IT service (ADICT) to develop a new data entry programme based on LogicNets software. To reach the goal of having the new system operational in the first quarter of 2018, several teams within Stichting HIV Monitoring have been hard at work constructing protocols, testing these protocols and creating data models. Last month, the fourth of eight phases of the project came to an end. During this phase almost all the protocols for CDC events were constructed, as well as those for liver workup, hepatitis C virus and baseline data, and some of the adverse event protocols.  

Once the protocols have been built, SHM’s testing team, which includes data collectors who will eventually be the end-users of the new system, can get started. As phase 5 gets underway, the testing team will therefore start testing those protocols built in phase 4, and the building team will continue to construct the remaining protocols. Finally, the data management team has started work on data modelling to ensure that the data entered into SHM’s database using the new system can be stored, recalled and updated.

Phase 5 will continue until the beginning of June 2017. We hope to be able to bring you more news of progress in the LISA project in our next newsletter after the summer.