Children with HIV

HIV-exposed children

SHM also monitors the health of HIV-infected and HIV-exposed children. In particular, SHM examines the long-term effect of short-lasting treatment with antiretroviral combination therapy during and after birth. In addition, SHM monitors the effect of anti-HIV drugs not only on the infection, but also on the developing immune system. A specific group encompasses those children exposed to antiretroviral drugs, but not living with HIV.

Special registration

To follow childrens’ health optimally, SHM has set up a special form of registration. The child’s data are linked to the mother’s data, providing the mother has not objected to this taking place. The paediatrician will always ask the parents and/or guardians and/or the child for permission to collect data.

HIV-monitoring and your child’s privacy

The information that the paediatrician collects on the child’s health will be pseudonymised (encoded) and recorded in SHM’s database under a unique code. The blood plasma will be stored under the same code. The only people with knowledge of this code are the paediatrician and the data collector. The data collector is subject to the same medical confidentiality as the treatment team. This ensures protection of the child’s privacy. Mothers/guardians are always at liberty to block the monitoring process by formally objecting to the registration of the child’s medical record to the treatment team.