First centre reports now live

data.svgFollowing the move to our new data entry system, DataCapTree, our data management team has been working hard to implement various other technological innovations to improve access to SHM data for HIV treatment teams in the Netherlands. For example, whereas it was previously necessary to use two separate systems to access real-time hospital data and processed data, we are now working to present both types of data through a single system that can be accessed securely with just one password.

The first stage of these improvements has recently been completed and we are pleased to let you know that HIV treatment teams in the Netherlands can now access a number of centre-specific reports through SHM’s new reporting system.

At present, depending on the level of authorisation granted, members of the HIV treatment team can access the following data for their own HIV treatment centre:

  • Patient reports:
    • most relevant patient-specific data
  • Data per site:
    • Baseline data:
      • Geograhical data
      • Diagnosis and test data
      • Data on medical history
      • Data on PrEP use
      • Seroconversion data
    • Visits and test results: data relating to visits to the HIV-treating physician and/or nursing consultant
    • Adverse events and CDC events
    • Laboratory data
    • Liver work-up
    • Medication (antiretroviral therapy and comedication).

The data in the reporting system are unprocessed data. HIV treatment centres can download the datasets for own use. For example, the data can be imported into Excel, or a selection can be made and subsequently used to produce graphs or figures for use in presentations or reports.

Each member of an HIV treatment team in the Netherlands can apply for an account through SHM. Access involves a two-step verification process with SMS. Once you have authorised the use of your mobile phone number, SHM’s data management team will activate your account and you will be able to access the reports through a dedicated website.

We are working to produce new reports, with priority being given to those most frequently- used. The data will be presented as graphs or tables, comparing the treatment centre to the national average, and will be updated annually. The first of these graphs will be available in the coming months.

In addition, during the course of 2020, we will produce graphs with information on the follow up of patients, for example:

  • Number lost to follow-up
  • Whether or not on cART
  • Virological status: detectable or undetectable
  • Whether cholesterol, syphilis, HBV, HCV, and blood pressure have been measured.

If you need a particular data set that is not yet available in the system, you can submit a specific query to our helpdesk. We will then assess the query and let you know whether it is feasible and, if so, how long it will take to process. Please send all requests for centre-specific data to Please clearly mention ‘OWN DATA REQUEST’ in the subject line.


We welcome ideas or suggestions relating to the centre-specific reports. Please click here to submit your idea.