HIV in the Netherlands

HIV in the Netherlands: statistics for 2022

The latest statistics are derived from SHM’s 2022 HIV Monitoring Report and relate to those people registered in SHM’s database (scroll down for numbers registered in 2021). All figures from the Monitoring Report are as of 31 December 2021.

SHM database: number of registered people in 2021

Each year the latest registration figures are presented in our annual report. The table below gives an overview of the registration figures for 2021.

Total ever registered up to 31 December 2021 30,282
Objection to further collection of clinical data 836
Registered & with further collection of clinical data, of whom 29,446
Adults 28,952
Men 23,599
Women 5,353
Children 494
Newly-registered in 2021 783

Other useful information can be found in the following tables taken from the latest annual report: