SHM's new data entry system enters final phase of development

The last phase of the project to develop a new data entry system is now underway. With the planned date for going live set for early February 2018, the pressure is on and all the teams are working hard to finalise and fine-tune the system. 

The last weeks of 2017 are focused on testing the entire system. To ensure the system functions smoothly, chain testing is now underway. This involves testing from the start (i.e., data entry by data collectors) through to the end (data output for the research team), and all the steps in between. Any issues that arise during the testing will be resolved on an ongoing basis in collaboration with SHM’s partners in this project, ICT Group, LogicNets and AMC’s IT unit ADICT.

In the meantime, the data management team are preparing to migrate the production environment to the new system in January, and, together with ADICT, they are also in the process of assigning roles and access rights to all users.

To ensure that the data collectors are up to speed and able to use the system as soon as it goes live, training programmes are currently being developed. These training sessions will be run in January, and will take place both at SHM’s head office and onsite in the various HIV treatment centres.

All in all, it’s a hectic and exciting time, and everyone at SHM is looking forward to seeing the results of their hard work come to fruition with the launch of a new, more efficient and modern data entry system.