The collaboration with the Pathological-Anatomical National Automated Archive (PALGA) allows SHM to obtain more detailed data on collected tissue biopsies and punctures. SHM will submit various research proposals to PALGA in the future. After approval, SHM receives relevant data regarding that research.

In order to properly support the various applications, SHM and PALGA use a matching matrix at PALGA. The HIV treatment centers will annually supply a match file, through ZorgTTP, for this matching matrix. This file contains an SHM administration number and an a 16-digit code encryption, based on the personal data; initial, surname, gender and date of birth. Based on this file, ZorgTTP can add a PALGA administration number to the SHM administration number for PALGA to update the matching matrix.

More information about PALGA can be found on the website of PALGA.