Submit a research proposal

To request statistical information from the SHM database or data for own research please use the Request for data form. For further information on obtaining data for research, click on 'submitting a research proposal' below

Requests for using SHM cohort data must be submitted using the request for data application form: Request for data form (research proposal)
All proposals must be submitted electronically to: Additional material to support your application, such as articles and publications, may also be attached in Word or PDF format. 

Each proposal must include the following information:

  • Title
  • Summary
  • Details of the project leader and participants
  • Description (including research questions, background, literature, and added value and implications of research)
  • Design and plan.

Raw data will only be supplied to those groups that contribute to the supply of data from the 24 HIV treatment centres in the Netherlands and other established academic research groups. Others may only use the data in collaboration with SHM.

Following submission, the proposal will be reviewed by the HIV Monitoring Working Group. The Working Group may suggest modifications to the project prior to approval. Final approval will be given by SHM's director. If the research proposal is approved, the project leader will be notified and the project will be included under Research in Progress. If the research ends or is discontinued, SHM should be informed.

Prior to receiving the data from SHM, the project leader must complete and return the Agreement for the use of Stichting HIV Monitoring data (Inside EER or Outside EER).

SHM expects the project leader to file a progress report at the beginning of each year, for inclusion in SHM’s annual report. Progress reports should include:

  • Progress summary including background, methods, results and conclusions
  • An overview of publications in peer reviewed journals or other printed publications resulting from the research project
  • Abstracts of presentations, including authors, date and place of presentation.

If you are planning to submit a paper, please consult the rules for acknowledging SHM and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and for a copy of the standard ATHENA acknowledgement text.

SHM should be notified of any publications resulting from the research project once a publication has been accepted by a journal. Rules for acknowledging SHM and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport can be found here. These publications will be added to SHM’s website under the Research section of the website.

Once the analyses have been completed, all data provided by SHM for the purpose of these analyses should be destroyed. Destruction of data must be confirmed by completing the Destruction of Data form and returning this form to Stichting HIV Monitoring.