Hepatitis Treatment Centres

Authorized hepatitis treatment centres

SHM works closely with a number of recognized hepatitis treatment centres in the Netherlands. Data from people who have (experienced) hepatitis are here collected and coded and placed in the SHM database. The work of these treatment centres is of great importance for the quality of hepatitis care, nationally and internationally.

  • Maastricht UMC+
    P. Debyelaan 25
    6229 HX Maastricht
  • Radboudumc
    Geert Grooteplein 8
    6525 GA Nijmegen
  • Maasstad Hospital
    Maasstadweg 21
    3079 DZ Rotterdam
  • University Medical Center Utrecht
    Heidelberglaan 100
    3584 CX Utrecht
  • Erasmus MC
    Dr. Molewaterplein 40
    3015 GD Rotterdam