Quality control

Monitoring data quality 

To maintain the quality of our database, some of the registered data for each HIV treatment centre are reviewed annually. Our data quality staff (data monitors) check the entered data for accuracy and completeness by comparing them to the source records, such as the medical file, electronic lab results, and additional tests.

Safeguarding protocol and privacy

Our data quality staff also check that protocol and privacy regulations have been adhered to during patient registration and data collection. They identify any issues and coach the data collectors at the treatment centres to further improve the quality and efficiency of the data collection process. Data quality staff also coordinate database cleaning and, if necessary, any review of data stored in the database.

Any questions or queries about data quality?

You can always send us an email with your questions


Review days for data collectors

Twice a year, SHM organises review days for all data collectors. During these days, various relevant topics are discussed such as protocol changes, the data collection procedures and other current issues. Medical lectures are also given, addressing specific conditions for which data are often collected. The lectures are given by an invited HIV clinician or specialist, supplemented by case studies provided by SHM data monitors.

Summaries of the review days are published in our quarterly newsletters.