SHM about sustainability 

SHM is serious about sustainability. It implies working in a responsible and conscious way. We aim to integrate environmental awareness into our routine work practices.  

Integrity, sincerity, sustainability 

We are aware of our responsibility towards stakeholders: patients, medical professionals, analysts, employees, the government and society as a whole.  Integrity, sincerity and sustainability are important in everything we do. 

It starts with the individual

Sustainability starts with each employee in our organisation. We offer our employees excellent working conditions and opportunities for personal development. Employees welcome the subject of sustainability and contribute to its realization. SHM encourages use of public transport and many employees use public transport to reach the workplace and for hospital visits.  

Waste management with care

SHM has a system of segregated waste flow. Paper, batteries and cartridges are collected separately for recycling. SHM tries to use as little paper as possible. We also try to purchase only eco-friendly office supplies and printed materials.

Our daily coffee is Fairtrade 

Our daily cup of coffee is Fairtrade, produced by farmers from developing countries. They get a fair deal and are therefore able to invest in a brighter future.