Completed research

The following list shows an overview of completed research projects in 2021, using SHM's data. The list is filtered to show only those projects which are made available to the general public. For a complete list of completed research projects, please contact

SHM no.

Project title and publication details

I20107 HIV in Gelderland: characteristics of the infected population and testing behaviour among general practitioners N. Nijsten, O. Richel, C. van Jaarsveld, G. ter Beest, K. Grintjes, A. van Sighem, R. van der Bij, S. Ostendorf, P. Dielissen, M. van de Luijtgaarden, R. Hermsen, C. van der Starre
I19105 Remaining barriers to advancing hepatitis C micro-elimination in the HIV/HCV co-infected population in the Netherlands M. van der Valk M, C. Isfordink, J.Arends, C. Smit, A. Boyd