Pilot registration and monitoring of hepatitis C mono-infection

The National Hepatitis Plan (RIVM report 2016-0166) adopted in 2016 aims to enhance initiatives regarding viral hepatitis control in the Netherlands according to five themes. One of these themes is improved surveillance and monitoring of HBV and HCV to gain insight into the cascade of care. The Dutch Society for Internal Medicine (Nederlandse Internisten Vereniging, NIV) and the Dutch Association of Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists (Nederlandse Vereniging Van Maag-Darm-Leverartsen, NVMDL) established a steering committee that elected to work together with SHM to implement such a monitoring system. A working group was subsequently established, comprising representatives from NIV, NVMDL, the Dutch Association of HIV-Treating Physicians (NVHB) and SHM.

As a first step, the working group has agreed to set up a pilot registration of individuals who are in care with a hepatitis C mono-infection and who have received direct-acting antiviral treatment. During 2017, the working group established the scope and implementation process of this pilot registration, which will take place at a select number of clinical centres. In 2017, SHM took the necessary preparatory measures for the pilot project, which is expected to start in the second or third quarter of 2018.