Board, business units and support

The SHM organisation is built up including:


  • prof. Marc van der Valk
  • drs. Sima Zaheri

They are jointly responsible for the day-to-day management of SHM; the board is accountable of the Supervisory Board.

Biography Marc van der Valk 

Biography Sima Zaheri

Management team - members 

  • prof. Marc van der Valk, board
  • drs. Sima Zaheri, board
  • dr. Ard van Sighem, senior researcher SHM
  • drs. Sacha Boucherie, communications manager SHM

Management team - advisors

  • Inge Bartels, HR manager SHM
  • Annemieke Feijt, Data protection officer SHM
  • Arianne van der Doelen, controller SHM

The management team supports the board in day-to-day management, sets strategic objectives and policy in joint consultation, and is responsible for implementation and results.

Business units and support

  • Data Unit: This unit is responsible for patient registration, data collection, quality control, protocol management, and data management.
  • Data analysis, reporting & research Unit: This unit is responsible for implementing the HIV monitoring programme.
  • Communications: The communications team actively disseminates information about the HIV epidemic in the Netherlands and provides information about SHM’s activities through a wide variety of communication channels.
  • Support: The primary activities of SHM’s management team are supported by the human resources,

    office and finance staff.


SHM's organisational structure