Management, business units and support

SHM's organisation consists of:


  • Director (Prof. Peter Reiss)

    The director is responsible for day-to-day operations and is primarily responsible for representing the organisation externally.
    Biography: Prof. Reiss

  • Deputy director (Sima Zaheri)

    Acting on behalf of the director, the deputy director oversees policy implementation within the Data Unit, HR and finance, company and data security, and various essential processes, such as accommodation and office automation.
    Biography: Sima Zaheri

  • Management team

    The MT establishes SHM’s strategic objectives by common agreement and is responsible for the day-to-day implemention of this strategy.
    SHM's management team

Business units and support

  • Data Unit: This unit is responsible for patient registration, data collection, quality control, protocol management, and data management.
  • Data analysis, reporting & research Unit: This unit is responsible for implementing the HIV monitoring programme.
  • Communications: The communications team actively disseminates information about the HIV epidemic in the Netherlands and provides information about SHM’s activities through a wide variety of communication channels.
  • Support: The primary activities of SHM’s management team are supported by the human resources,

    office and finance staff.


Overview of all SHM employees

SHM's organisational structure