Management team

Sima Zaheri

Sima_klein.jpgManager Patient Data & Quality Control

For more than a decade, Sima Zaheri has headed SHM's patient data & QC unit. Sima studied Medical Biology at the University of Amsterdam and since 2002 has been involved in setting up and controlling processes for SHM's data collection, data management, quality improvement and quality assurance. In her position she works closely with  HIV clinicians, HIV consultants, researchers and users of data in 26 HIV treatment centres, as well as IT departments in those centres, to translate important developments in HIV/AIDS data collection into processes, while monitoring and optimizing the efficiency of these processes.  


Catriona Ester


Communications Manager

Catriona joined Stichting HIV Monitoring as communications manager in January 2014. She has a strong biomedical background, with a PhD in biochemistry, and extensive experience in medical communications. As communications manager, Catriona oversees all communication activities, including the HIV monitoring report, annual report, website, and newsletters. Catriona is also closely involved in organising the annual Netherlands Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Epidemiology, Prevention and Treatment. 



Ard van Sighem

Senior Researcher

Ard's research involves investigating the course and the changes in the HIV epidemic in the Netherlands from the early 1980s until the present day. To achieve this, Ard uses mathematical modelling as a tool to analyse the relevant data in the ATHENA cohort, the database maintained by Stichting HIV Monitoring, and other national data sources. Ard is investigating how HIV spreads within risk groups, how these risk groups have changed over time, and how interventions would act on the future course of the epidemic.

He is also interested in the more patient-specific side of the HIV epidemic. In particular, Ard is investigating the risk of progression to death in the era of combination treatment in which specific groups of patients can achieve a near normal life expectancy. In addition, he is studying incidence of and risk factors for non-AIDS diseases in the ageing HIV-infected population, in particular their relation with CD4 cell counts and HIV RNA levels.

Lastly, together with the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and with colleagues in the United Kingdom and Switzerland, Ard is investigating and improving methods to estimate the size of HIV population in countries within the European Union and the European Economic Area.

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Stichting HIV Monitoring

Stichting HIV Monitoring (SHM) makes an essential contribution to healthcare for HIV-positive people in the Netherlands.  Working with all recognised HIV treatment centres in the Netherlands, SHM systematically collects coded medical data from all registered HIV patients. SHM uses these data to produce centre-specific reports that allow HIV treatment centres to optimise their patient care and obtain formal certification. SHM’s data also form the basis for the yearly HIV monitoring report and are used in HIV-related research in the Netherlands and internationally. The outcome of SHM’s research provides tangible input into HIV care and prevention polices in the Netherlands.

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