Dutch Heart Foundation report: SHM and AGEhIV data on cardiovascular risk factors in people living with HIV

13 January 2015

The Dutch Heart Foundation has recently released the latest figures on cardiovascular disease in the Netherlands. This annual report provides information on quality of life, disease, and cardiovascular disease-related mortality in 2014. The book also includes a chapter dedicated to cardiovascular risk factors in people living with HIV in the Netherlands, to which Stichting HIV Monitoring director, Peter Reiss, and senior researcher, Luuk Gras, contributed. Based on data from Stichting HIV Monitoring and the AGEhIV cohort study, the chapter shows that cardiovascular risk factors are more common in the HIV-infected population compared to non-HIV-infected individuals of the same age, and may also develop at an earlier age. In particular, data from the AGEhIV cohort study revealed that the prevalence of hypertension, myocardial infarction, and peripheral vascular disease was significantly higher in people living with HIV. The book calls for treating physicians to be aware of this increased risk and, if possible, take appropriate preventative measures. 

To read the chapter in detail, please click here to download the book from the Dutch Heart Foundation.