SHM’s new data entry system, DataCapTree, is now live!

05 February 2018

Monday 5 February marked the launch of Stichting HIV Monitoring’s new data entry system, ‘DataCapTree’. This tailored LogicNets system contains more than a thousand decision trees that will make the data capturing process far more efficient. The integrated data collection protocols make it easier for the data collectors to decide which data need to be collected and coded and, consequently allows them to efficiently collect high quality data. In addition, the quality control process has been streamlined and facilitation of data analysis has also been improved.

DataCapTree also has a more modern and ‘future-proof’ design than the previous system, Oracle Clinical, offering the possibility of linking to electronic patient records in HIV treatment centres in the future. At present, DataCapTree comprises the key data collection protocols, and the remaining protocols will be added over the coming months.

Behind-the-scene efforts to develop this new system started back in 2014, with the search for a replacement for Oracle Clinical. Following a long preparatory phase, including a thorough search for the best partner for this project, SHM and ICT Group Netherlands (ICT) signed a contract on 9 May 2015. As LogicNets’exclusive integration partner in the Netherlands, ICT supplied and supported the application. The AMC’s general IT services (ADICT) will host the system and was therefore also closely involved in the preparation and building phases. Building the system took over 18 months to complete and was carried out by a team involving people from SHM, LogicNets and ADICT.