Charity dinner, ‘Amsterdam Diner’, raises €653,000 for HIV research

04 June 2015

Sunday, 30th May, saw the 23rd edition of the charity dinner, ‘Amsterdam Diner’ take place in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. The event raised over € 650,000, which was 30% more than last year. The funds raised will be used to support the HIV Transmission Elimination Amsterdam (H-TEAM) project which was initiated by Prof. Joep Lange prior to his death last year. The aim of H-TEAM is to achieve a significant reduction of the number of new HIV infections in Amsterdam by combining a number of innovative approaches. These include, amongst others, the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis in high-risk MSM, and different initiatives  aimed at earlier diagnosis of people with HIV and more rapid linkage to care. Part of the research within H-TEAM is aimed at improving our understanding of  why  certain patients who are treated during acute infection may after some time be able to control their infection without having to continue taking antiretroviral.