Presentaties 2014

De medewerkers van SHM geven met regelmaat presentaties waarin bevindingen uit onderzoek en publicaties worden gepresenteerd. Een groot gedeelte van de presentaties is Engelstalig. Hieronder vindt u een overzicht van de presentaties in 2014.


  • An update on HIV in the Netherlands
    Reiss P
  • Factors associated with late presentation and advanced disease of HIV in the Netherlands, 1996-2014
    Op de Coul, ELM, van Sighem, AI, Brinkman, K, van Benthem, BH, van der Ende, ME, Geerlings, S , Reiss, P 
  • Cerebral structural and microstructural differences between perinatally HIV-infected children and healthy controls
    Cohen, S, Caan, MWA, Scherpbier, HJ, Kuijpers, TW, Reiss P, Majoie, CBLM, Pajkrt, D
  • Majority of HIV/HCV co-infected patients currently in care in the Netherlands have not yet or not successfully been treated for HCV*
    Smit C, Arends JE, Valk van der M, Brinkman K, Ammerlaan H, Arend S, Reiss P, Richter C
  • Risk factors for sexual transmission of hepatitis C virus: results from the MOSAIC cohort
    Vanhommerig, JW Lambers, FAE, Schinkel, J, Arends, JE, Lauw, FN, Brinkman, K, Gras, LAJ, Rijnders, B, Meer, JTM van der, Prins, M
  • Sources of HIV-1 transmission in the ongoing, concentrated HIV epidemic among men having sex with men in the Netherlands between July 1996 and December 2010
    Ratmann O, Sighem A van, Bezemer D, Gavryushkina A, Reiss P, Wolf F de, Fraser C
  • ‘Test-and-treat’ in the Netherlands
    Sighem, AI van, Gras, LAJ, Op de Coul, ELM, Bezemer, DO, Agtmael, MA, Bree, G de, Reiss, P, on behalf of the ATHENA national observational HIV cohort 
  • HIV infection is independently associated with frailty in middle-aged HIV-infected individuals compared to uninfected controls
    Kooij, KW, Wit, FWNM, Schouten, J, Valk, M van der, Stolte, I, Reiss, P 


  • The aging HIV-infected population: quantifying the future challenges of HIV clinical care and exploring possible interventions
    Smit, M, Brinkman, K, Geerlings, SE, Smit, C, Thyagarajan, K, Sighem, AI van, Wolf, F de, Hallett, TB
  • Consequences of increased testing and earlier start of therapy on the HIV epidemic among MSM in the Netherlands
    Hengel, R van den, Bezemer, DO, Zwinderman, AH, Wolf, F de, Sighem, AI van 
  • Poorer cognitive performance in perinatally HIV-infected children as compared to healthy socioeconomically matched controls
    Cohen, S, ter Stege, JA, Geurtsen, GJ, Scherpbier, HJ, Kuijpers, TW, Reiss, P, Schmand, B, Pajkrt, D
  • Estimating the Size of the Undiagnosed HIV Population in the Netherlands by Disease Stage
    Sighem, AI van, Nakagawa, F, Bezemer, DO, De Angelis, D, Op de Coul, ELM, Egger, M, Wolf, F de, Fraser, C, Phillips, AN
  • Higher prevalence of hypertension in HIV-infected individuals partially explained by increased waist-hip ratio rather than BMI, other traditional risk factors or markers of systemic inflammation
    Zoest, RA van, Wit, FW, Kooij, KW, Valk, M van der, Schouten, J, Stolte, IG, Kootstra, NA, Wiersinga, WJ, Prins, M, Born, BJH van den, Reiss, P
  • Prevalence and determinants of insufficient work ability in older HIV-positive and HIV-negative workers
    Möller, LM, Brands, R, Sluiter, JK, Schouten, J, Wit, FW, Reiss, P, Prins, M, Stolte, IG
  • Changing patterns of undiagnosed HIV infection in the Netherlands: who benefits most from intensified HIV test and treat policies?
    Op de Coul, ELM, Schreuder, I, Conti, S, Van Sighem, A, De Angelis, D, Xiridou, M, Van Veen, M, Heijne, JCM
  • Dutch GPs adherence to national guidelines promoting HIV testing in populations at higher risk for HIV: bridging database information with clinical practice
    Reukers, DFM, Joore, IKCW, Bergen, JEAM van, Op de Coul, ELM, Donker, GA, Sighem, AI van, Barth, RE, Broek, IV van den
  • Health-related quality of life in perinatally HIV-infected children in the Netherlands
    Stege, JA ter, Cohen, S, Weijsenfeld, AM, Plas, A van der, Kuijpers, TW, Reiss, P, Haverman, L, Pajkrt, D
  • Good SVR12 rates in boceprevir or telaprevir triple therapy in both treatment-naïeve and –experienced patients with HIV/ HCV coinfection in the Netherlands
    Arends, JE, Meer, JTM van der, Posthouwer, D, Kortmann, W, Assen, S van, Reiss, P, Ende, M van de, Brinkman, K, Richter, C, Hoepelman, AIM, Smit, C, Valk, M van der, Schinkel, J 
  • Virological Responses to Lamivudine and Emtricitabine in Combination With Tenofovir and Efavirenz, Nevirapine or Boosted Protease Inhibitors in the Nationwide ATHENA Cohort
    Rokx, C, Fibriani, A, Vijver, DAMC van de, Verbon, A, Schutten, M, Gras, LAJ, Rijnders, BJA, On behalf of the ATHENA National Observational Cohort, SHM
  • Patients' willingness to take separate component antiretroviral therapy regimens for HIV in the Netherlands
    Engelhard, EAN, Smit, C, Vervoort, SCJM, Kroon, F, Brinkman, K, Nieuwkerk, PT, Reiss, P, Geerlings, SE
  • Accentuated CD8+ T-cell senescence is associated with both calendar age and CD8+ T-cell activation in long-term treated HIV-1-infected patients
    Cobos Jiménez, VCJ, Wit, FWNM, Joerink, M, Maurer, I, Harskamp, AH, Schouten, J, Prins, M, Reiss, P, Leeuwen, EMM van, Kootstra, NA


  • More virological failure with lamivudine than emtricitabine in efavirenz and nevirapine regimens in the Dutch nationwide HIV cohort
    Rokx C, Fibriani A, van de Vijver D, Verbon A, Schutten M, Gras L, Rijnders B
  • Regional differences in self-reported HIV care and management in the EuroSIDA study 
    Laut K, Mocroft A, Lazarus J, Reiss P, Rockstroh J, Karpov I, Rakhmanova A, Knysz B, Moreno S, Gargalianos P, Lundgren J, Kirk O
  • Lack of association between use of efavirenz and death from suicide: evidence from the D:A:D study
    Smith C, Ryom L, Monforte A, Reiss P, Mocrof A, El-Sadr W, Weber R, Law M, Sabin C, Lundgren J
  • A clinically useful risk-score for chronic kidney disease in HIV infection
    Mocroft A, Lundgren J, Ross M, Law M, Preiss P, Kirk O, Smith C, Wentworth D, Heuhaus J, Fux C, Moranne O, Morlat P, Johnson M, Ryom L
  • Gender differences in HIV-positive persons in use of cardiocascular disease-related interventions: D:A:D study
    Hatleberg C, Ryom L, El-Sadr W, Mocroft A, Reiss P, de Wit S, Dabis F, Pradier C, Monforte A, Rickenbach M, Law M, Lundgren J, Sabin C
  • Predictive value of prostate-specific antigen for prostate cancer: a nested case-control study in EuroSIDA
    Shepherd L, Borges Al, Ravn L, Harvey R, Viard J, Bower M, Grulich A, Silverberg M, De Wit S, Kirk O, Lundgren J, Mocroft A 
  • Patients' willingness to take separate component antiretroviral therapy regimens for HIV in The Netherlands
    Engelhard E, Smit C, Vervoort S, Kroon F, Brinkman K, Nieuwkerk P, Reiss P, Geerlings S 


  • Long term effectiveness of once-daily unboosted atazanavir plus abacavir/lamivudine as a switch strategy in subjects with virological suppression
    Llibre J, Cozzi-Lepri A, Valencia La Rosa J, Pedersen C, Ristola M, Losso M, Mocroft A, Mitsura V, Ormaasen V, Maltez F, Beniowski M, Paredes R
  • The prevalence and predictive value of dipstick urine protein (DUP) in HIV-positive persons in Europe
    Mocroft A, Ryom L, Lapadula G, Reiss P, Blaxhult A, Furrer H, Kutsyna G, Gatell J, Begovac J, Kirk O, Lundgren J

  • Factors associated with lage presentation and advanced disease of HIV in the Netherlands (poster) 
    E. Op de Coul, A. van Sighem, K. Brinkman, M. van der Ende, S. Geerlings, and P. Reiss for the ATHENA national observational HIV cohort 
  • Insight into the HIV prevalence and the undiagnosed HIV population in the Netherland (poster) 
    I. Schreuder, E.L.M. Op de Coul, S. Conti, A.I. van Sighem, D. De Angelis, M.G van Veen, M. Xiridou, J.C.M. Heijne
  • Improved Weighted Darunavir Genotypic Mutation Score Predicting Treatment Response for HIV-1 subtype B and non-B Infected Patients Receiving Darunavir in a Salvage Regimen (poster)
    "A De Luca, P Flandre, A Castagna, F Ceccherini-Silberstein, A Cozzi-Lepri, D Churchill, S De Wit, D Dunn, W Fuchs, F Garcia, H Günthard, A Imaz, T Kordossis, C Mussini, N Obel, B Roca, MM Santoro, E Schuelter, C Torti, A van Sighem, AM Wensing, L Wittkop, R Zangerle, M Zazzi and D Descamps on behalf of CHAIN and COHERE in Eurocoord working group"

  • Long-established HIV-1 subtype B transmission networks persist through transmission to next generations of MSM in the Netherlands (presentatie)
    Daniela Bezemer

  • Post 10-year prognosis of those who started ART between 1996-1999 (presentation) 
    Adam Trickey 
  • When to switch antiretroviral therapy following virologic failure on a first-line regimen(presentation) 
    Lauren Cain on behalf of ART-CC, CNICS and HIV-CAUSAL 
  • Accounting for misclassification bias in multivariable models using weighting by positive predictive values: case study on whether the association between injection drug use (IDU) and mortality is explained by differential rates of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection (poster) 
    Margaret May and Amy Justice on behalf of ART-CC: 
  • Starting cART in antiretroviral-naïve HIV-1–infected patients presenting with cryptococcal meningitis (poster) 
    Suzanne Ingle, Miro JM, Furrer H, Justice A, Saag M, Manzardo C, Esteve A, Sterne J, May M on behalf of COHERE, CNICS and NA-ACCORD

  • Ongoing HIV-1 subtype B transmission networks in the Netherlands  (presentation)
    Daniela Bezemer, Oliver Ratmann, Ard van Sighem, Bas E. Dutilh, Nuno R. Faria, Rob van den Hengel, Luuk Gras, Peter Reiss, Frank de Wolf, Christophe Fraser, and the ATHENA observational cohort 
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  • Estimating the Size of the Undiagnosed HIV Population in the Netherlands by Disease Stage (poster)
    Ard van Sighem, Fumiyo Nakagawa, Daniela Bezemer, Daniela De Angelis, Eline Op de Coul, Matthias Egger, Frank de Wolf, Christophe Fraser, Andrew Phillips 
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  • Cumulative viral load predicts all-cause and AIDS-related mortality after initiation of ART (poster) 
    Michael Mugavero, Andrew Westfall, M. John Gill, Michael Saag, Sophie Abgrall, Gerd Fatkenheuer, Peter Reiss, Suzanne Ingle, Margaret May, Jonathan Sterne on behalf of the ART-CC. 
  • Impact of Smoking on Life Expectancy among HIV-Infected Individuals: The ART Cohort Collaboration (poster) 
    Helleberg M, May MT, Sterne JAC & Obel N for ART-CC 
  • Impact of Low-Level Viremia on Clinical and Virological Outcomes in Treated HIV Infected Patients (poster) 
    Marie-Anne Vandenhende, Suzanne Ingle, Margaret May, Matthias Cavassini, Amanda Mocroft, Peter Reiss, Janet Tate, Heidi Crane, Jonathan Sterne, Genevieve Chêne on behalf of the ART-CC