SHM Working Group

The Working Group advises the Director on executive matters regarding use of data stored in the national HIV Database. The working group consists of members and reviewers.


  • Dr. M.E. van der Ende (chair)
    Erasmus MC, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Rotterdam
  • Prof. C.A.B. Boucher
    Erasmus MC, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Rotterdam
  • Dr. F.C.M. van Leth
    AIGHD, Amsterdam


  • Dr. N.K.T. Back
    AMC, Dept. of Human Retrovirology, Amsterdam
  • Prof. K. Brinkman
    OLVG, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Amsterdam
  • Prof. D.M. Burger
    Radboudumc, Dept. of Clinical Pharmacology, Nijmegen
  • Dr. E.C.J. Claas
    LUMC, Clinical Virology Laboratory, Leiden
  • Prof. G.J.J. Doornum
    Erasmus MC, Dept. of Virology, Rotterdam (Emeritus)
  • Dr. S.P.M. Geelen
    UMC Utrecht-WKZ, Dept. of Paediatrics, Utrecht
  • Prof. A.I.M. Hoepelman
    UMC Utrecht, Dept. of Virology, Utrecht
  • Dr. S. Jurriaans
    AMC, Clinical Virology Laboratory, Amsterdam
  • Prof. T.W. Kuijpers 
  • AMC, Dept. of Paediatrics, Amsterdam
  • Dr. W.J.G. Melchers
    Radboudumc, Dept. of Medical Microbiology, Nijmegen
  • Prof. J.M. Prins
    AMC, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Amsterdam
  • Prof. P.H.M. Savelkoul
    MUMC+, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Maastricht
  • Dr. R. Schuurman
    UMC Utrecht, Dept. of Virology, Utrecht
  • Dr. H.G. Sprenger
    UMCG, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Groningen
  • Dr. A.M.J. Wensing
    UMC Utrecht, Dept. of Virology, Utrecht

Stichting HIV Monitoring

Stichting HIV Monitoring (SHM) makes an essential contribution to healthcare for HIV-positive people in the Netherlands.  Working with all recognised HIV treatment centres in the Netherlands, SHM systematically collects coded medical data from all registered HIV patients. SHM uses these data to produce centre-specific reports that allow HIV treatment centres to optimise their patient care and obtain formal certification. SHM’s data also form the basis for the yearly HIV monitoring report and are used in HIV-related research in the Netherlands and internationally. The outcome of SHM’s research provides tangible input into HIV care and prevention polices in the Netherlands.

Visiting address

Nicolaes Tulphuis
Tafelbergweg 51
1105 BD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Postal address

Academisch Medisch Centrum
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Meibergdreef 9 1105 AZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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