SHM introduces 2 new online reports for HIV treatment centre teams

23 July 2012

In consultation with HIV treatment centre clinicians and staff, SHM has developed two online reports that are accessible to all HIV treatment centres: Patient Reports and the Centre Specific Report. Through a variety of graphs and tables clinicians and researchers will be able to gain better insight into their own HIV population.

Two new reports:

The Patient Reports replace the hospital specific data sets, known as ‘site sets’, and are available in a more user-friendly form. Charts and graphs can be generated per patient from the raw data entered by the data collector at each centre.

The Centre Specific Report is completely new for HIV treatment centre teams and gives a complete overview of the developments and trends within their own patient population.

Report access:

To introduce these reports, SHM has contacted the principle clinician at each HIV treatment centre and has asked them to approve which staff may have access to the reports. Approved staff have then been sent information about both products.

Registration for access to the reports is carried out online through SHM’s website via the ‘Medische Professionals’ tab and then ‘Inloggen Patientrapportages’ (for the Patient Reports) or ‘Inloggen Centrumspecifieke rapportage’ (for the Centre Specific Reports). Once registered, hospital staff can also access the reports from these locations.   

Easy to use:

Both reports are easy to use and detailed manuals are provided. Demonstrations of both reports are also provided to treatment centre staff if they are interested. 

Further information:

Further information on these reports is included in this eNewsletter. A brochure (Dutch language) with detailed information and examples of each report is also available for download.